CGN Esports is excited to announce the official comeback to VALORANT at the start of the upcoming VCT 2021: Europe Stage 3.

Cologne, Germany – June 25th 2021 – Today marks the beginning of a new chapter of our journey. We are thrilled to announce Navid “Kapio” Javadi as our new VALORANT Coach and we warmly welcome him into the CGN Esports Family.

The 35-year-old veteran has been out of action since early 2018, when he ended a career in which he played a crucial role in two of the most successful German teams in the history of Counter-Strike as a player and coach.

His breakthrough came in 2006 when he won the WSVG finals in Texas with his team ALTERNATE aTTaX. The following year, he signed with mousesports, with whom he won Extreme Masters Season II, Extreme Masters Season III Dubai and IEM Season IV Gamescom, among others.

After a three-years of absence, Navid "Kapio" Javadi has decided to return as a coach in VALORANT under the flag of CGN Esports. 

Entering into Valorant as an organisation was one of our main goals for a long time. Working within a new title is a challenge and an exciting adventure. In order to take the next step we decided to expand our team.

Sebastian “Sebe+'' Kruft, Head of VALORANT at CGN Esports:

“I was looking for an accomplished FPS veteran, who would support me in my goal to shape a team after my own ideals and expectations. My transition from being a player to being a coach was going well, but I felt like I would benefit from a second set of eyes. Someone who could confirm my impressions or challenge them. I had many long conversations with Kapio and I was astonished to see that we shared a common vision. We were on the same wave-length from the very first moment.”

Navid “Kapio'' Javadi on his new position at CGN Esports:

“I’ve had success with a German lineup with mousesports in the past and it was a great experience for me as a player. Coaching international lineups was exciting too, but I never gave up the thought of proving again that our national and local scene is able to compete on a global level. CGN Esports is located in my home region and together with Sebe I’m sure that we can create something great.”

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VALORANT is a fast-paced competitive & tactical first person shooter, involving two teams of 5 players each. The first team that manages to win 13 in-game rounds, wins. This means that a game of Valorant can take up to 25 rounds. Players can choose their unique in-game characters, which are called agents, at the start of the game and buy different weapons at the start of each round. When a player dies, they will not respawn until the next round starts. This makes VALORANT a game in which even the smallest decision counts: good reaction times, aiming skills and knowledge are all key elements required to master VALORANT on a competitive level.