CGN Esports Enters Valorant Welcome Sebastian Kruft

CGN Esports Enters Valorant Welcome Sebastian Kruft

CGN Esports is excited to announce that we are officially entering VALORANT at the start of 2021! 

Cologne, Germany – December 30th 2020 – Today we are proud to present the start of a new chapter. We are thrilled to announce Sebastian ''Sebe+'' Kruft as the new Head of Valorant and we warmly welcome him into the CGN Esports Family.

The year 2021 brings many changes to CGN, as we plan to expand our organization into one of the most promising esport titles of today. After the very successful launch of the Valorant Beta by Riot Games, we have decided to establish a professional Valorant team and to become a part of the exciting journey that is Valorant esports.

In 2020 we organized the Valorant Contenders Cup, together with Razer and Intel. Through hosting this event, we discovered the competitive drive that defines the European Valorant community. That is why, for the past 5 months, we have been working with Sebastian on a lineup that has the potential to establish itself amongst Europe’s best Valorant esports teams. 

Sebastian “Sebe+'' Kruft on his new position at CGN Esports:

“Hey everyone! I’ve been playing Counter-Strike and other FPS and RTS titles for about 20 years now. Winning LANs and earning trophies has been a huge drive for me: I breathe competition. After my time competing as an active player, I swapped roles and gained experience as a coach and manager for various smaller teams. Now, I am thrilled to be the backbone and supporter of a new generation of players together with CGN Esports. So many teams are fighting to become the best in Europe and I think that, sooner or later, we will be a part of this conversation.”

Lucas Studt, Managing Director at CGN Esports:

“With Sebastian joining our team, we are not just getting an experienced former player, but also someone with a deep understanding of FPS titles and the challenges the Valorant team has to overcome to succeed.”

For Valorant players who think they have what it takes to be an upcoming CGN Esports player or content creator, please contact:

Sebastian Kruft -, Twitter

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VALORANT is a fast-paced competitive & tactical first person shooter, involving two teams of 5 players each. The first team that manages to win 13 in-game rounds, wins. This means that a game of Valorant can take up to 25 rounds. Players can choose their unique in-game characters, which are called agents, at the start of the game and buy different weapons at the start of each round. When a player dies, they will not respawn until the next round starts. This makes VALORANT a game in which even the smallest decision counts: good reaction times, aiming skills and knowledge are all key elements required to master VALORANT on a competitive level.