Cologne, Germany – Jan 15th 2023 – We are thrilled to finally reveal the last piece to the puzzle, a true force of nature. Today we are announcing the Serbian beast Dragan “elllement” Milanović.  

Elllement is known for his high fragging power, especially on Duelists, such as Jett or Reyna. On 109 appearances he boasts an average K:D of 1.28, on his second most played agent, Reyna, he currently holds a K:D of 1.58.  

But Elllement is not only known for his impressive firepower, he also showed his impact as a team player for big Organisations such as OG and EXCEL. In the latter team he managed to win the VALORANT Regional League Polaris 2022 Split 1. During the season and playoffs he was the 4th highest rated player of the league with a rating of 1.15.  

Dragan “elllement” Milanović 

"It’s good to be back on the server. I’m hyped for this opportunity and I’m sure some people in the DACH scene remember me. Now it’s time to make sure they’ll never forget me.” 

In the CGN roster, he will be rounding out the roster on the role of main Duelist. Consequently, Benjamin “BennY” Domgörgen will move on to the role of Flex and Secondary Duelist. Shazeon will take over the role of the Initiator from OniBy.  

Sebastian “Sebe” Kruft (Sports Director) 

“Even though we only had a very small amount of time to scout and trial players for the 2023 Split, I’m stoked that we have found such a perfect fit for our roster. I’m eager to see our new roster in action for the first time next week. Kapio suggested to trial elllement and his instinct was spot on. We are currently still implementing Dragan into our system and it will take some time to show our peak performance, but I’m sure we will be ready in no time.” 

The team has been heavy at work in their short period of time together. With the promotion into VCT being on the horizon for top performing VCL teams during the first two splits of 2023, anticipations are high and every member is pouring their all into showing just how far this roster can go. The new roster's journey towards VCL championship and VCT promotion begins on January 15th 5pm CET against "TBD" . 

The full roster is now 

🇩🇪 Benjamin “BennY” Domgörgen 

🇩🇪 Luca “azury” Sammer 

🇩🇪 René “Shazeon” Cappel 

🇵🇱 Krzysztof “starki” Lewandrowski 

🇷🇸 Dragan “elllement” Milanović 


🇩🇪 Navid “Kapio” Javadi

🇩🇪 Sebastian “Sebe” Kruft 

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VALORANT is a fast-paced competitive & tactical first person shooter, involving two teams of 5 players each. The first team that manages to win 13 in-game rounds, wins. This means that a game of Valorant can take up to 25 rounds. Players can choose their unique in-game characters, which are called agents, at the start of the game and buy different weapons at the start of each round. When a player dies, they will not respawn until the next round starts. This makes VALORANT a game in which even the smallest decision counts: good reaction times, aiming skills and knowledge are all key elements required to master VALORANT on a competitive level.