CGN Esports is proud to unveil the newest additions to their VALORANT roster for the 2022 season, which kicks off this Monday, January 10th, with the first round of the VALORANT Champions Tour (VCT).

Cologne, Germany - January 10th, 2022
- As of today, we are once again entering a new chapter of our journey. We officially return from the offseason and welcome the French community, known for its exceptional support and fanbase. 

With the announcement of the new VCT & VRL league structures and the goal to be successful beyond the national scene, our coaches Kapio and Sebe went to the whiteboard and after many trials and discussions selected our two new players.

Terence "SoOn" Tarlier (27, French), is a former ShootMania and Overwatch pro player. He lived four years in the United States, competed for teams such as Rogue and Misfits and later on even joined Los Angeles Valiant and Paris Eternal to show his skill in the Overwatch League. He won the ESWC 2013, 2014, 2015 in ShootMania and then moved on to Ovewatch, where he was known for his high impact on DPS heroes such as Tracer or McCree. He also boasts a long list of impressive LAN performances, e.g. a 3:2 victory over Fnatic to win Dreamhack 2016. After an already long and successful career, he decided to join CGN Esports to further cement his legacy as an astonishing FPS player, in yet another title. Most recently, he played with his younger brother OniBy in the mix team Bonsoir who is now a part of the new OG roster.

Terence "SoOn" Tarlier on his new position at CGN Esports:

I am really excited to start a new chapter of my career with CGN. I've been fully playing VALORANT for only 9 months and I really wanted to compete alongside the best players of the game. Joining CGN Esports is a true opportunity for me and I am grateful for their trust. I am looking forward to performing at my best and bringing them my experience. Thank you to those who have shown me their support!

Anthony "blitzeN" Boquillard (29, French), is a former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who is mostly known for his performance in the ESEA Advanced, where he played with his colleague fxy0 (now OG VALORANT player) together in team “untagged”. They became second, just missing out to qualify for MDL and only losing to the number one team in the league which was led by non-other - than now legendary Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut. blitzeN is known for taking initiative and responsibility by leading his last teams from the front, as IGL and Jett Main. Now he will be using his years of experience as a Lurker in CSGO and a leader in VALORANT to support CGN Esports in accomplishing their goals.

Most recently he played in the mix teams Yendez & Beverly Hills with well known French pro players. In last Kingdom Calling he was already able to prove his skills for CGN Esports. 

Anthony "blitzeN" Boquillard on his new position at CGN Esports:

Really happy to join CGN Esports, since I have always been a competitor and I will do everything to push this team to the top. Thank you CGN for believing in me! #VIVACGN

For the time being we decided to go with an international roster and a German core, as it felt like the ideal compromise of having the potential to compete with Europe's best, while maintaining our identity as an organisation who is committed to supporting the German scene, as our new Youngstars project will show.

Sebastian “Sebe” Kruft about the new roster:

"We have laid the foundation for a promising roster with high potential, young talent and seasoned pros who know how to win titles. We believe that they will help us to achieve our goals and establish ourselves on the European Valorant stage.”

After an exciting year 2021 where we qualified for the Champions Tour Europe Stage 2: Challenger 2 Main Event in April multiple LAN finals in the DACH region throughout the year, we are ambitious and expect to show a good performance in the VCT qualifiers and secure a slot in the VRL Dach League to once again compete with well-known rivals BIG, Wave and many other good teams for the national title and the highly contested playoff spot for the VCT Pro League.

The new lineup is now:

🇫🇷 Terence “SoOn” Tarlier
🇫🇷 Anthony “blitzeN” Boquillard
🇩🇪 Benjamin “BennY” Domgörgen (Team Captain)
🇩🇪 Rene “Shazeon” Cappel

🇩🇪 Leon “Leon” Roesberg

🇩🇪 Navid “Kapio” Javadi (Coach)
🇩🇪 Sebastian “Sebe+” Kruft (Head of Valorant)

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VALORANT is a fast-paced competitive & tactical first person shooter, involving two teams of 5 players each. The first team that manages to win 13 in-game rounds, wins. This means that a game of Valorant can take up to 25 rounds. Players can choose their unique in-game characters, which are called agents, at the start of the game and buy different weapons at the start of each round. When a player dies, they will not respawn until the next round starts. This makes VALORANT a game in which even the smallest decision counts: good reaction times, aiming skills and knowledge are all key elements required to master VALORANT on a competitive level.