Cologne, Germany – Jan 9th 2023 – We are excited to announce that after a successful season in the DACH VRC - René “Shazeon” Cappel – will return to action with the CGN Main team for the next VCL season!  



The only 18 year old German prospect had already played one season in the highest German league, where he put up a solid performance, averaging a rating of 1.02, 215 ACS and 144 ADR. Numbers that are remarkable, especially for an 17 year old player at the time, playing mostly on initiator.

Shazeon decided last year to step down from the CGN roster in order to focus on the last year of his education.  

After six months in the Youngstars roster – a time he spend to get back into shape and to grow as a player and person, he is eager to prove himself again on the big stage.

Rene "Shazeon" Cappel 

“I’m hyped to be back! I enjoyed my team in Youngstars, especially our 2nd place finish on the LAN Split Finals in Cologne were exciting. But I’m even more excited to compete again on a  higher level. I’m eager to learn from the boys and improve as a player – I want to grow with this new challenge, a challenge and chance that I’m very grateful to get. I’m ready to prove myself and show what I am cabable of.” 

 Sebastian “Sebe” Kruft – Sports Director 

I always believed that Shazeon would come back into the team. But in order to fully convince the roster of his skill and potential, he needed the time to grow as person and boost his self-confidence. I’m very happy to say that he used his time in Youngstars and worked on his leadership skills, I’m sure it will help him on any future tasks. 

Shazeon will step back into the role of initiator and do his best to fill the footsteps of OniBy. His first appearence back in the roster will be on the 15th of January. 

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