Cologne, Germany - January 15th, 2022 - We're happy to finally share our latest project with you. Over the course of weeks, we have been scouting, interviewing and trialling almost one hundred different young VALORANT players from the DACH region. With frustration we saw many people argue on social media that our region wasn’t able to keep up with other regions due to lack of talent or teamwork. For the time being, we decided to add two French players to our main roster in order to be able to compete on the European stage. We realized that our scene has a lot of talents, but most of them lack the experience to perform in the biggest tournaments, we felt like it was time to help ease the problem and develop the younger generation. So we  put in the necessary time and resources to find six of the most promising talents to help them grow as players and people.We will provide them with the same resources, technology and know-how as our main roster, and challenge them to become the stars of tomorrow. 

Back on November 18th, we publicly announced our Youngstars program on social media. Over the course of 10 days, we received far more than 100 applications. In order to narrow down on the potential candidates, we decided to have an immortal 3 / 300RR hurdle that they had to overcome, in order to be considered for the project. Even after implementing these barriers, we still had to process 90 players, making sure we secured the most promising talents. 

Sebastian ,Sebe’ Kruft (Head of Valorant and Coach for CGN): 
“The amount of interest in joining our team has been overwhelming. A few months back, I would have never imagined that we grew our brand to such an extent, that we could sign a young team of such a caliber. The statement that our scene lacks talent is absurd. It just needs somebody to invest the time to help young players.
They will be the next generation, but don’t think that means they won’t be a threat to other teams right now”.

The next phase included interviews, closer analysis of their written application and a check on their team history and past success and the introduction of a training-hub. It felt almost impossible to give every player an equal chance to be considered for the project due to the amount of applications. So we gave the players the chance to play in a Faceit hub and show that they really wanted to be a part of the team. Since a lot of our candidates were younger and we didn’t want them to neglect their school and social duties, we restricted the playtimes for the hub significantly. We included the parents in the process, since most of our candidates and players are under 18.

Quite a few players actually used this hub to emphasize their eagerness and earned a spot in the top 15. 
This started our third last phase. We created our top 15, who faced each other in custom matches, until only 10 contenders remained. We repeated this process until we found 6 players we considered to be the perfect fit for the roster.

The roster consists of:

Elias ,El1as’ Eifler 
Matthias ‚Kongi’ Schranz 
Leon ,Faceroll’ Grudnowski (IGL & Captain)
Gustav ,Guslump’ Witt 
Philipp ,Yuno’ Holzner 
Armagan ,Eren’ Gülcicek

Marcel ,Sizzer’ Hauenstein (Teammanager)

It was our goal to find players we could form, players who believed in their potential but were still aware of their flaws and shortcomings, players who are willing to learn and grow. Our trial-phase included several well known players from the DACH scene, who had already proven themselves. Since this project is focused on development, we did not simply pick the biggest names or most accomplished players, but those we believed to have the most potential. 

Leon ,Faceroll’ Grudnowski:
“I'm looking forward to this exciting project. Youngstars is a very young team that I can lead and form as captain. I see great potential in all of my players and with the 6 man roster we are well prepared. I would also like to thank CGN for the trust that is given to me in teaching the boys to form one of the best fully German teams.”
The team will also be complimented by a coach at some point, as soon as the right candidate has been found. For the time being, the coaches from the main team will support the team by giving feedback and teaching, especially Leon ,Faceroll’ Grudnowski the fundamentals. Our young players will learn what it means to play for CGN. 

For the next phase of their career, these players will most likely be performing in Project V - unless the CGN main team can qualify for the VCT. They will be at the heart of the DACH community, meanwhile working hard to make their next steps. This can include rising to the main team or joining another professional team.

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VALORANT is a fast-paced competitive & tactical first person shooter, involving two teams of 5 players each. The first team that manages to win 13 in-game rounds, wins. This means that a game of Valorant can take up to 25 rounds. Players can choose their unique in-game characters, which are called agents, at the start of the game and buy different weapons at the start of each round. When a player dies, they will not respawn until the next round starts. This makes VALORANT a game in which even the smallest decision counts: good reaction times, aiming skills and knowledge are all key elements required to master VALORANT on a competitive level.