XMG - Enables Esports

"XMG – Gaming Laptops and Desktop PCs at the Highest Level! We’re not just scratching at the maximum power, we’re defining it. Don’t be satisfied with less, because only performance and quality will take you further. XMG offers you reliable, powerful gaming laptops and desktop PCs, which you can configure individually and which are manufactured in Germany for you. The future is tailor-made and gaming is our passion!"


LeetDesk is dedicated to supply world class eSports athletes with a high-quality, height-adjustable gaming desk to help them perform at their best. Designed for gamers, LeetDesk with all its features focuses on performance, quality and ergonomics and is the last definite piece of your gaming setup. The LeetDesk is made for pro gamers and all those who places importance on maximum flexibility, health and aesthetics.